Turning opportunities into realities

Helping others do more and achieve more is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we’re delivering innovative solutions for our customers, encouraging our people to realize their potential or working with our communities to foster a more sustainable tomorrow, Dow turns its beliefs into action.

Building Hope

How do you build hope out of a potato chip bag? We collaborated with Conceptos Plásticos to combat waste using a technology that turns hard-to-recycle plastics into bricks for an innovative new school.

The Perfect Fit

For over 50 years, ECCO customers have moved about in style and comfort. No two feet are exactly alike, however, so there’s been no such thing as an exact fit. In its search for a custom, durable material, ECCO found the perfect solution from an unlikely partner: Dow.

Breaking Barriers

When more people have a seat at the table, everybody wins. Through Project SEARCH, an internship program for people with cognitive and developmental disabilities, Dow is tapping the potential of often-overlooked individuals, attracting more talent and accelerating innovation.

Join the conversation

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