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Building Hope

Can recycled plastics be a building block of the future? We’ve collaborated with Colombian innovators Conceptos Plásticos to leverage their development of plastic brick technology that’s reducing plastic waste—and changing the lives of kids in their community.

Plastic bricks for a better future

We’re working with Conceptos Plásticos to help build sustainable classrooms using self-assembling bricks made out of hard-to-recycle plastics, such as potato chip bags. These bricks are fire-retardant, naturally cooling, durable, sustainable and recyclable. Their innovative creation process produces nearly zero waste and tackles two global issues—plastic waste and a lack of adequate classrooms, homes and shelters—while creating a more circular economy.






up to 30% less than traditional
building processes


tons of plastic waste
diverted from landfills


Our commitment to reducing plastic waste

Reducing plastic waste and developing a circular economy are key building blocks of our sustainability goals. See how Dow and our collaborators are taking crucial steps to a more sustainable tomorrow.

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